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Lost At Sea :iconenzoluciano93:EnzoLuciano93 5 0 Sunset Unknown Island, South China Sea. :iconweirdbeau:weirdbeau 4 0

One of the three archipelagos of the South China Sea, the Spratly Islands are a disputed group of more than 750 reefs, islets, atolls, cays, and islands. This area consists of more sea than land, even having the sea shape it to its whim. There is hardly any arable land and there have been no native inhabitants on the islands, however it offers rich guano and fishing grounds, island and marine biodiversity, and perhaps oil reserves.

Some mariners call the seas around Spratly Islands the Dangerous Ground due to the low islands, sunken reefs, atolls, banks, shoals and even coral reefs rising from the depths. These unmapped regions are hazardous for navigation.

Until now, the disputed status of the islands, among those of China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei, have not been settled. Escalations occur every now and then as claimants watch over the boundaries of their claimed territories.

Coral reefs are more predominant than vegetation in Spratly Islands as it is more frequented by monsoons. Larger islands hold more vegetation shrubs, coconuts and mangroves. Several plants were introduced to the islands as more people came, e.g. papaya, banana, palm.

Spratly Islands sport more on wildlife, especially marine wildlife. The Green Turtle and Hawksbill Turtle frequent these islands for nesting and laying their eggs, however their numbers have been on the decline. Seabirds also use the islands for nesting, breeding and wintering.



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:bulletred: Yasmin is very curious so she will ask lots and lots of questions when meeting new people.
:bulletred: She can get easily lost when it comes to other places, but she knows her islands and the changes up to date so easily.
:bulletred: She loves being comforted, hugged, petted or kissed. Only if she trusts the person that well.
:bulletred: Touch her curl, and you will either face an embarrassed Yasmin and/or a flying Coco.
:bulletred: If she acts formal with you and calls you Ma'am or Sir, she respects you but you still are not close much yet. If she calls you with your name, then you are quite close. She may opt to call those closer to her with older brother or older sister.
:bulletred: Expect her to be weak with technology.
:bulletred: She can play the ocarina or a Chinese flute, left by Yao. She can play by ear.
:bulletred: If she looks away for a bit while talking, then she is remembering something.
:bulletred: She plays with her hair if she is bored or irritated.
:bulletred: She can stay underwater longer than anyone.
:bulletred: Her trait phrase is Kyu! and Nyu!
:bulletred: Yasmin hates to make people worry about her.

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The Spratly Islands
Free Sparklie Turtle by Kiss-the-Iconist"Yasmin" Free Sparklie Turtle by Kiss-the-Iconist

Hello to you all! I am the personification of the Spratly Islands, an archipelago consisting of more than 750 reefs, islets, atolls, cays, and islands.

Geographically, I am located in the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea/East Vietnam Sea, etc. and lie off the coasts of the Philippines, Malaysia (Sabah), and southern Vietnam.

I use the name Yasmin, so you may call me that or Yas. Looking forward to meeting you, all. And as much as possible, let's all get along! :D


Human Name: Yasmin Selasia
Nicknames: Yas, Yaz, Min, Minnie
Other Names: Nánshā Qúndǎo or Nansha Islands (Chinese), Quần Đảo Trường Sa (Vietnamese), Kepulauan Spratly Gugusan Semarang Peninjau (Malay) and Kapuluan ng Kalayaan (Filipino).
Birthday: October 11, 1994 ((Coordinates=10N 114E))
Age Appearance: 10-11
Actual Age: .......... (as old as the sea)
Gender: Female
Height: 4' 5"
Languages: A mixture, but not entirely fluent in all of them: English, Filipino, Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese.


Yasmin has a petite child's body, but is filled with lots of energy and agility. Having to face nature's storms and winds, she has learnt to endure and buff up for all the upcoming storms. She does have a bit of a dark complexion because of being under the sun and swimming all the time.

She is short-haired and has straight black hair. They twirloutwards and then inwards at the ends. Sometimes, she puts her hair up in short pigtails, but she'd rather have her hair down and flowing.
She has a curving ahoge with a dot at the end. This serves as a radar, for both winds and also if trouble is brewing around her areas.

It has a dark brown hue.

Coco, a hawksbill turtle (20 years old)

Outfit (Casual)
A green swimming shirt and dark blue shorts.
Brown sling-bag to collect materials and trinkets.
Brown doll-shoes.

Outfit (Visiting)
A white undershirt and green overall shirt.
Dark green shorts and shoes.
Brown sling-bag.


Yasmin is just a child who has opened up her eyes to the world and does her best to open her arms to accept new experiences and challenges. She is very curious of new sights and things she has never seen before, but it always leaves her confused and wonders more about her islands. She is cheerful and accommodating to those she feels "warmth" with. Yasmin may tend to be shy with new people, especially those she had never met before or those far away from her islands, but she tries to warm up with them by asking a lot of questions. (( Expect it to happen a bit when RPing with her ))

Along the way, if you get along with her, she will be playful and childish. If she acts this way, it means she likes you and trusts you. If she acts like you're a sir or madam, she respects you greatly. She loves her close friends and family dearly, but hates it when conflicts arise. She stands with her own stance but as much as possible stays neutral, as she hates it when these occur. She doesn't understand why it happens a lot, but she wishes for it to stop. Yasmin doesn't blame someone specifically, as she does try to be understanding and diplomatic about it.

She is very environment and animal-loving. Hurt her islands or her animals, and she will hate you for all she has. To those she disliked, expect her to do something really bad, *like ramming your ship ashore*. As said, she has areas that are dangerous to travel, but she knows exactly where is safe and where is not safe. To those who she feels is trustworthy, they can easily pass the islands areas. If not, .....well, you get the picture.

She is quite physically fit and enjoys water activities like swimming, diving and snorkeling. She doesn't even need one as she can hold her breath as much as she can underwater, as she plays freely with the underwater creatures. She loves to eat and try different types of food, and if there is coconut in it, expect her to like you a lot!

Yasmin particularly hates it when people get in her way or tell her what to do. If it's one thing for her islands to be hurt, it is also when she is being pushed back. She hates being driven into a corner for it scares her a lot. And she wants to fight back if that ever happens. She avoids these situations as much as she can. But if it happens, then it happens. She hates being called incapable or weak. Yasmin may look adorable, but it doesn't mean she can't handle herself. She has a strong will, and a resourceful attitude. Having her mind set that she can do things without anyone's help (her past self), she feels she can do it by herself and that she knows the situation more.

If she feels she has made a mistake to you, she would do her best to fix it, for she hates it if conflicts arise later. Yasmin also can be clumsy if too excited or filled with emotions. She can cry too, but rarely in front of someone she doesn't know.

Expect her to be gullible and naive. She doesn't understand love, nor the concepts of sex. She also has a hard time tolerating swearing words. She is also weak in technology, always asking for help in case. She's not entirely superstitious but she believes in spirits and souls. Food is also another weakness. Feed her a bit, and she would like you more.

Once in a while, you may see the different side of her. Not a cheerful little curious girl, but a serious apathetic child in front of you. It only happens if she is pissed off, someone hurts something of hers, or you freaking touched her curl without permission.

An Ask and RP Account by adventvera16
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