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Q-A #6 by AskAPHSpratlyIslands Q-A #6 by AskAPHSpratlyIslands
Yasmin: Yay! Question#6~! I really really do love anything with coconut in them. I'd say it is the fastest commodity you can find along my shores. I suppose there are others, but I will always go for coconut. Even Coco is named after coconut~.

Coco: Kyuuu... (munching on Bánh da lợn)

Yasmin: And really...those 6...they shouldn't have...but I am thankful for the meal. And they did work together to make this... thanks. (I feel the urge to make a continuation comic, just to complete the thoughts on this question)
Admin: And I am back in business!! Sorry for the....short LOA, but I am slightly better now. I can work on the rest of the questions and I might work on a few comic strips (plus some few characters to add, to keep Yasmin company).

Yasmin: Thank goodness, wait, who's joining me?

Admin: You'll see soon enough. Also, please remember the questions and the answers are for fun and laughs. No serious business here, all right?

For links on the selected food:
Bánh da lợn
Nasi lemak
Maja blanca
I couldn't find much for Chinese using coconut or coconut milk seafood, so I opted for braised fish with coconut milk.
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lupang-hinirang Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013
Goodness, I can definitely agree with you on the food choices! And look at all that food left out for you! I sure wouldn't mind if I got surprised with some food...
Everything tastes better with coconut in them~. Yes, I am happy with the food....but I don't think I can eat everything by
lupang-hinirang Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013

//she will just find herself a place to sit at the table with the food/
//grab a plate and--/
//away she goes, serving herself a bit of everything/
//be careful she might end up eating a lot of everything/

...By the way, I would recommend the Maja blanca! Just if you're wondering what to start with.

//that was very subtle of you, maricela/
Ahh...away she goes all right...really? Is maja blanca good? I was saving that for the sweet stuff later, since I thought it was dessert... And Sister Cel, I noticed you do like cooking food with coconut in them?

Admin: YES. Maja blanca is great and yummy (I could keep eating it all day). You should really try it...
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October 21, 2013
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